My name is David Escobar-Martin, but I go by Esco… however, I spell it Esko because the “C” can sound like a second “S” to people who have no idea what Spanish is. I’m just a little Cuban kid at heart who writes from the same place. I’m a Santiago native and a Philadelphia resident, writing thanks to Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement, my best friend Zach, and a constant drive to push myself further and do better. I work and go to college, but this has always been, and will always be, my first love. I am consumed by the pen, liberated by the lights, saved by stages, and completely free behind a microphone. I am a feather in the wind, waltzing to the sound of Kendrick Lamar and The Roots, dreaming to Dilla and Nujabes, and married to pure Hip-Hop. At this point in my life, I have already tattooed the rhythm of drums and spoken words onto my tongue, above my heart, and between the cage of beating ribs. If you are following me, I thank you from the deepest reservoirs of love that my parents instilled in me. Just know that you are in for a lot of poetry, and a lot of seeing a young man grow and learn through his words and emotions. And if you ever need to contact me, then just shoot me an email at eskopoet@gmail.com

Thanks for following, it means the world to someone who is trying to conquer it… now check out my blogroll!

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